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Serving our Community

Project Neighbors

Project Neighbors is a remarkable organization that has worked for over 50 years to build affordable homes in Valparaiso. I began volunteering for Project Neighbors 15 years ago with my daughter Sophie to help make a difference in our community and instill in her the value of serving something bigger than yourself.

Hilltop House 

Hilltop Neighborhood House serves the College Hill neighborhood of Valparaiso with childcare, early childhood education, a food pantry and soon to be soup kitchen.

I donate to the food pantry, provide backpacks for the preschool, and volunteer to care for babies in the infant room as a way to give back to an organization that gives so much to those most in need.

Our Greater Good

Our Greater Good is an organization dedicated to providing assistance to Porter County children and families in need. The primary fundraiser for Our Greater Good is their Chefs Around the Table event. I had the great pleasure to serve as a Chef Around the Table where we raised over $147,000 for Our Greater Good.

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